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Are we not all used to home remedies for our earaches at some point in our life? The answer is Yes!

We must be aware of a fact that home remedies can be first choice but that we should not expect complete cure in all the situations.

We have all tried a quick fix for our earaches until we meet the specialist. But is it safe to use home remedies? If not all, at least some medication can alleviate your earache, yet we recommend to consult the doctor if the pain is severe.


Ear infection

An ear infection develops because of viruses, bacteria and yeast formation. Give due care to this ever working organ of our body, like keeping the ears dry, regular check-ups, less usage of devices.

Earaches develop if there is an ear infection in the middle ear- that is right behind the eardrum; when the ear canal is infected. We are aware that both types are equally painful and need attention to get rid of the pain and from further damage.

These ear infections, minimal or extreme it is, have to be given due care and attention. The implications could be hazardous when left unattended. What might look like an ear infection can get better or worse given the wariness it warrants. There are cases where ear infections have resulted in heart problems and nerve-related problems.


Can I treat an ear infection at home?

No matter the age, earaches are common amongst children and adults. The right question should everyone resort to antibiotics at the first go? No is the answer.

In the first place, everyone resort to time tested home remedies which are safe and sound to let go of the agony and pain. Try to find relief with some of the safe home remedies which are accepted by the consultants as well.


 Safe Home remedies 

Help yourself with some of the home remedies for the middle ear and outer ear infections with over the counter medications and safe treatments at home.

  • For middle ear pain, warm olive oil dipped in cotton without perforating the eardrum is recommended. Check the temperature of the oil should not be hot but just warm.
  • If the pain is around the canal, a gentle massage running downward from the back of the ear to the neck is safe and relieves you of the trouble. Apart from that, it drains the excess fluid from the ears.
  • Hot or cold press for 20 minutes will relieve you of the pain for the moment. When there is a recurrence of the pain you may pay a visit to the doctor. Hotpress for 20minutes can you provide such relief unlike another. Cold press by wrapping the ice in paper towels or wrapping the ice pack will make you feel relieved.
  • The generic ear drops available over the counter have to be judiciously used to relieve the pain and is a no substitute to the prescribed medicines. You may use it only at the prescribed levels mentioned on the pack. The accumulated wax would dissolve by using the ear drops.
  • Crush few cloves of garlic and heat them in mustard oil to get rid of the twinge feeling. Onions can also do the magic of suppressing the pang.
  • Try to suck a candy or cough drops if you do this, the pressure given will alter the pain.


Should you visit a doctor?

The home remedies are recommended only for those when the pain caused by the ear infection is bearable and are subject to cure. You may have to pay a visit when-

  • Excess liquid or pus trickling out of the ear,
  • Some swelling at the back of the ear or weakness in the muscles of the ear,
  • When the pain prolongs for more than 24 hrs.


No matter the age, your screeching pain with your ear infections are no fun. FDA accepts above home remedies, they are safe when used appropriately and not go overboard. You may try these time tested home remedies, well if you won’t find any relief visit HAC to understand to your ear problem.